Talent Management

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) V3

Designed to provide useful and valid information regarding respondents’ orientation toward cultural differences and their readiness for intercultural training and development. Used in conjunction with training, the IDI is a highly reliable, valid, cross-cultural measure of intercultural sensitivity applicable to a variety of groups of people from different cultural backgrounds.


Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)

The GCI assesses personal qualities associated with effectiveness in intercultural situations and the individual’s core capacity for intercultural adjustment in three areas including how an individual mentally approaches cultural differences; their orientation toward developing and maintaining relationships with and awareness of culturally different others; and the strength and clarity of their sense of self-identity and ability to effectively manage thoughts, emotions, and responses to stressful situations.


Trompenaar’s Seven Dimensions of Culture
and Corporate Culture Profiles

By means of a questionnaire developed by Dr Alfons Trompenaars, individuals receive their own cultural profile on each of seven dimensions of culture that then can be compared with the cultural profile of any other group or individual in an expanding database of over 50,000 managers.


The Australian Overseas
Assignment Inventory (OAI)

A self-response questionnaire that examines 14 attitudes and attributes correlated with successful cross-cultural adjustment and performance. Used together with a behavioural interview, the OAI provides essential input to the expatriate selection process and helps expatriates raise their awareness of a number of important adaptation issues.


Objective Job Quotient System (OJQ)

A computer-assisted tool that provides cross-culturally appropriate 360 degree feedback to evaluate and rank employee performance. The OJQ uses multiple raters and “scaled direct comparisons”, providing greater reliability and validity.

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