“Thank you very much for agreeing to help us on our journey of learning more about how to become a regional team. The workshop was very useful and the feedback to me was that people very much enjoyed learning about the essence of cultural differences. If anything, people were left wanting more. I would like to see this as an opportunity to build on in future workshops.

Thanks again for your contribution in making our meeting a huge success. It was a good way to end the three days on a high note. I look forward to working with you again on our continued journey of education and understanding!”

Lee Ward, General Manager, Service Delivery, Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services Asia Pacific
Unisys Australia Pty Limited

“Karen is thorough, intelligent, remains abreast of the latest innovations and readings in the field. You can depend on her to follow through on every commitment, no matter how informal, and to implement well beyond standard expectations. Her initiative, foresight and energy have helped us grow our business.”

Dianne Hofner Saphiere, Business Partner

“Thank you for the gift of your laughter, pleasure, joyfulness, purity, attention to detail, global perspective, intellect, wisdom and for being your heart.”

Glenda Frances, Master Mind


Representative Comments from Participants in our Programs…

“Yes, I can do this! I feel much better equipped for the challenge of expatriate life that lies ahead.  A very professional and worthwhile course.”

Australian Finance Manager moving to Indonesia

“The ability to share views and learn that my problems are simply normal for returned expats was most helpful.  I regard a structured expat program essential!”

Australian Expatriate Returning to Australia

“I gained some very important insights regarding the difference between Americans and Australians.  I had not expected these to exist and can already see an improvement in my work relationships as a result.”

U.S.-American Manager living in Australia

“I feel very informed, more comfortable and confident with my decision to move to Australia.  The program is well through out and it’s highly grounded, very structured, very practical.”

Filipina Personnel Manager moving to Australia

“A very intensive program with very good, practical objectives.  All resource personnel were helpful in gaining an insight to the cultural difficulties ahead and information to assist our transition.”

Australian Financial Controller for the Asia Region

“I have a better understanding of what to expect and, importantly, how to relate to Japanese culture and traditions.  An excellent program that suceeded in negating many of the perceptions that exist about Japan.”

Australian Country Manager moving to Japan

“I have spared no effort to learn about Saudi Arabia since applying for the job.  Today’s session probably doubled my knowledge.  Very valuable.”

Australian Business Manager moving to Saudi Arabia

“I feel much better prepared.  To be honest, I got much more out of the program than I thought I would.  It was helpful to learn that the English are quite different from Australians.  A very well organised and structured course.”

Australian moving to England

“All aspects [of the program] contributed to my overall understanding of what I will face in Zimbabwe, as well as how best to face them.”

Australian Finance Manager moving to Zimbabwe

“The course was very informative and covered a wide range of subjects.  I feel I am adequately equipped to understand and deal with cultural differences I may encounter in Venezuela.  I’m sure it will be money well spent.”

Australian on short-term assignment to Venezuela

“I think it was time well spent, and I appreciate the effort to tailor the program to my specific needs.  I appreciated learning the nuances in the way Americans and Australians operate.”

Australian Marketing Manager moving to the U.S.

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