Repatriation Debriefing Program

Duration: 1.5 days

Intensity: High

Participants: Returning expatriate couples, families and single-status assignees

Location: To be confirmed

Coach: Karen Huchendorf, Cultural Acumen

Pre-work: Complete Intercultural Effectiveness Scale and Background Questionnaires



Welcome and Program Overview: What we are setting out to achieve together

  • Set the scene for the program, including clarification of the role of the coach and interaction process
  • Review and confirm the program objectives and structure of the program

Introductions: How I got where I am now

  • Examine the ways your present, past and future are linked

Current Issues: What I expected and what I have experienced

  • Explore some of the typical challenges of repatriation
  • Gauge the extent to which aspirations were different from reality

Morning Tea

Current Issues (cont.)

The Process of Repatriation: How what I am experiencing is normal

  • Gain an awareness of the normal pattern of cross-cultural adjustment over time, highlighting predictable high and low points
  • Understand where repatriation stress comes from


Looking Back: How this assignment has changed my life

  • Assess personal, family and professional changes, including attitudes, values and skills, as a result of the assignment
  • Compare the costs with the benefits of the expatriation/repatriation experience
  • Identify points for feedback to the Company

Afternoon Tea

Looking Back (cont.)

The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale

  • Understand the elements of intercultural effectiveness
  • Interpret your IES scores

Close of Day One



The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (cont.)

  • Explore your current and potential competency
  • Create a personal development plan

Morning Tea

Looking Ahead: How I can grow from this experience

  • Clarify the way forward through “G-R-O-W-T-H”
  • Become aware of obstacles, consider options and become aware of skills and attitudes required to more forward
  • Develop an action plan that includes tactics and new habits

Summary and Program Evaluation

  • Appreciate what has been accomplished during the program

Close of Program

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